Newborn Girl Aviana | Park Rapids, MN Family & Baby Photographer

I am so glad I had the morning to photograph this lovely family near Park Rapids. It was a treat to meet them! Dad’s sister and her family are regular clients of mine whom I love, so it’s always fun to know more of a great family! I love getting into people’s homes and their lives a little bit when I go to take pictures. These kids were shy for the first few minutes, then they had their balance bikes out, they were doing tricks for their upcoming “clown show” for visiting cousins, and just chatting away! It was such a blessing to meet tiny little Aviana. Tell you what, this almost-2-week-old girl was a complete dolly! She dressed well, ate well, slept well, and laid (lay? lie?) there so well for her debut photo shoot. What a champ! AKP Erickson Aviana--14 AKP Erickson Aviana--6 AKP Erickson Aviana--16 AKP Erickson Aviana--22 AKP Erickson Aviana--23 AKP Erickson Aviana--24 AKP Erickson Aviana--25 AKP Erickson Aviana--27 AKP Erickson Aviana--34 AKP Erickson Aviana--35