Linnea < SENIOR CLASS OF 2016 > | Sr year graduation photos

Since I loved these so much, and I am dying to share them with Linnea, here is a sneak peek at our lovely session for this new Senior. We took the photos at her favorite place: camp! Sjölunden (Swedish: sjö: lake, lund: grove) is the Swedish camp site associated with Concordia Language Villages and is located at the Concordia site at Turtle River Lake, near Bemidji, Minnesota.  {puhlease consider sending your kids to camp, and even more: consider a Concordia Language Village!}

AKP Linnea Sr-

AKP Helquist Wedding- AKP Linnea Sr--2 AKP Linnea Sr--3 AKP Linnea Sr--4 AKP Linnea Sr--5 AKP Linnea Sr--6 AKP Linnea Sr--7 AKP Linnea Sr--8 AKP Linnea Sr--9 AKP Linnea Sr--10 AKP Linnea Sr--11