Newborn Boy W | Becida, Lake George, Bemidji, MN Newborn Photographer

This little dude was a surprise, and a wonderful one, at that! He has three older sisters, and is a sweet sweet bundle of blessings for everyone! I have the privilege to share photos that I’ve been putting together for some small business owners. You have to check out Jen’s Tangled Threads  and Hippity Hoppity Hats!   They have facebook and etsy pages. AKP JTT Cwl Blnkt 2

The Blanket, Cowl/Baby Nest/ and Hockey set came from Jen’s Tangled Threads : JTT Cwl Blnkt Hockey AKP JTT Cwl Blnkt AKP JTT hockey AKP WH Newborn 4wks- Logo 015 AKP WH Newborn 4wks-185   AKP WH Newborn 4wks-327 AKP WH Newborn 4wks-329 AKP WH Newborn 4wks-logo 073 AKP WH Newborn 4wks-Logo 294 AKP WH Newborn 4wks-logo 331


Blue Bonnet & Diaper Cover, Hat with Buttons & Pant Set from Hippity Hoppity Hats :

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