Kaya Wedding Part Two: White | Itasca State Park, Mississippi River Photographer, Bemidji MN

 Remember these lovely newlyweds? They were married in September and had their formal portraits taken at Itasca State Park. The leaves were perfectly golden, the grass still green, the roads cluttered with fallen leaves, while the trees stood firm. It was a cold and misty day, but it was beautiful, nonetheless.

Mr. & Mrs. Kaya were fun to work with, and got more and more comfortable in front of the lens as the hours passed. I am so grateful to have shot this wedding. It was just stunning to see the lovely hand-made bridal head piece that Christina wore. She was the most stunning bride with the long ribbons, pearls, and lace cascading down her back. They trailed over buttons from her dress and stood out in their soft peachy highlights against her delicate dress.

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