Kristi + Colbey Wedding Sneak Peek | Bemidji Wedding Photography at Library Park and St. Philips Catholic Church




Colbey and Kristi were married on the last August weekend in Bemidji, Minnesota. Outdoor wedding weather is never guaranteed to be perfect, and it really shouldn’t put a damper on too much! Thankfully, this sweet couple was all prepared with several umbrellas, and high spirits. The rain that came was a misty, wet shower. It didn’t pour, but was very wet! Thankfully, Kristi still wanted to meet Colbey in the park for their first time seeing each other on their wedding day. HELLO, SWEET!!!

After Colbey cried at the sight of his beautiful bride and they giggled a little bit when thinking about the fact that this big day is finally here, we did portraits outside. Family and the Bridal Party. It went great, and with all the little kids running around with umbrellas, nobody even had their eye poked out 😉

Then, we all went back to the church for their wedding. Hip, Hip, Hooray!



This August wedding was rained out in precipitation, and flooded with joy! 😉 I’m Cheesy, I know!