Merry Christmas!

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I know this looks like it is a late post, but I wanted to share how thankful I am for Christmas time. No matter that the 25th has come and gone.  I love the anticipation of receiving updates from cherished folks all around the world. We LOVE getting your letters and cards, so keep them coming!!! I love taking family photos in a crazy-busy Oct-December months when you’re jam-packing everything in 😉 I LOVE IT.

I love getting to be with family.
I love seeing old & new friends.
I love eating too much everyday for days on end.
I love engorging myself with memories of “the good ol’ days” when I was a kid.
I love the time of Advent.

Matthew Chapter 2 posted by Amy Kate Photography

I Thank God for this savior who came down to Earth to bless us with everlasting life, and freedom from sin! If you don’t know Jesus as your LORD and SAVIOR, and want to know how you can find peace, joy, and mercy in your life, email me or call me! Talk to someone who believes! Grab a Bible and read it!  A good place to start is Luke chapter 2: a telling of the Christmas Story!!!

the Bible is the 
‘cradle of Christ.’

Something I read, when I wondered, why start in the New Testament:  “Martin Luther said that the Bible is the ‘cradle of Christ.’ All biblical history and prophecy ultimately point to Jesus. The book of Mark is quick and fast-paced, while John focuses on the things Jesus claimed about himself. Mark tells about what Jesus did, while John tells about what Jesus said. In John are some of the simplest and clearest passages, such as John 3:16, but also some of the deepest and most profound passages.”  –taken from the intervarsity site

Merry Christmas, now and forever.

Love, Amy  at Amy Kate Photography, in Bemidji (more like Brrrrrrrmidji) Minnesota.

Amy Kate Photography is the place for you to get creative, unique, and all-fun portraits! I love shooting with families, newborns, little kiddos, seniors, and LOVE BIRDS.  Did you know I am a wedding photographer, too? Yep! Merry Christmas indeed!!!! 😉 find out more at

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