What to Wear: Summer | Leech Lake Walker, MN Family Photographer | Blue Green Black White Yellow Navy Tourquoise Khaki Jeans

Here is an example of a large family group photo session. This is an extended family group, including Grandparents, Their two children & spouses, and Their children. So, it was a fun shoot, complete with reenacting an old family pontoon photo when the grandkids where just tykes. This family had two of the five cousins going into their senior year, so we combined a couple of Senior Sessions in with the big family pictures. It was a blast! I love their outfit changes. They started with everyone in a white polo, and gradually added different shirts and pants. There were Khaki, Blue Jeans, teal or tourquoise shirts, robin’s egg blue skinny jeans, shorts, pants, yellow, green, stripes, solids, lacey cream tank tops, layers, barefoot, sandals, and all sorts of family combinations going on. It was splendid. AKP Lanie Senior-002 AKP Lanie Senior-013 AKP Lanie Senior-041 AKP Lanie Senior-086 AKP Lanie Senior-095

AKP What to Wear-009 AKP What to Wear-007